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How do you go about starting your organization and achieving your business goals? You do it by hiring the best talent. Recruitment and selection are undoubtedly the most important functions for any business. But it is a rather laborious and time consuming process. It also demands innovative solutions, something a PEO company such as Kruse PEO could help with.

Elements of Successful

Recruiting and Selection

Efficient employee recruitment involves efficient handling of seemingly mundane stuff such as reviewing job applications and resumes, interviewing candidates and advertising for job positions. Thorough applicant screening and candidate sourcing solutions are vital. You need to ensure that you get the right people to work for you and Kruse PEO can help you do that through its comprehensive recruiting and selection solutions.

Kruse PEO's cost-effective and innovative services include:

  • Reviewing the applicant
  • Pre-employment testing of candidate's skills
  • Conducting pre-employment background checks
  • Drug testing
  • Wage and salary data
  • Employee orientation programs
More than just Hiring - In-depth

Employee Recruitment


Employee recruitment and employee selection aren’t only about hiring the right people. In fact, recruitment outsourcing involves all aspects, from hiring to training, motivating and ensuring that the individual is fully settled within the organization, which is why employee orientation programs are important.

Background Checks

Equally important is checking the background of the candidate. This involves a host of tasks that also satisfy legal compliance especially with regard to H-2B visas for foreign applicants. There are detailed background and credit check processes taken care of effectively by Kruse PEO, which involves checking of county, state and federal criminal records, credit reports, social security and civil records.

Skill Testing

Nothing can replace adequate skill testing. As part of its recruitment and selection process, Kruse PEO provides state-of-the-art, web-based, ADA-compliant skills testing. All these factors come together for an effective recruitment and selection process, which is also vital in facilitating employee retention.

As with all our PEO services, our recruitment outsourcing solutions are flexible, adaptable to your specific needs, and most importantly, truly cost-effective. Call Kruse PEO toll-free at (800) 258-1036 for a free proposal now.

All applicants must be willing to take a Drug Screen and Background Check to work with Kruse PEO