Kruse PEO



Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kruse PEO is a leading Professional Employer Organization (PEO) offering complete human resource solutions since 1994. We have established account managers for each client and a successful track record in the PEO industry. Our experience enables us to offer the broadest range of administrative services to companies- small, medium or startups. As a nationwide PEO company, Kruse PEO helps to minimize your non-revenue generating HR responsibilities, so that you can concentrate on improving business productivity and profitability through focused utilization of resources.

If you are considering outsourcing all or part of your human resource processes, call us toll-free at 800-258-1036. We would be happy to provide you with more information regarding the benefits of our PEO services.

PEO Services Customized to Your Needs

Our PEO services are nationwide, giving us the ability to offer you robost customized services tailored to your employee related needs. All PEO services, from payroll services and risk management to employee benefits administration are taken care of in the most expert and innovative manner. Our services are adaptable and tailor-made to the unique financial and business structure of the client company.

What we offer:

Our HR outsourcing services will be profitable for your company and serve its short-term and long-term needs well through streamlined functioning and exploitation of the full potential of your staff. We are committed to your success. With years of experience in managing all areas relating to human resources, we assure customized solutions for all types of businesses. We work with you to deliver affordable, hassle-free employee services to enhance your bottom line and help you gain a competitive advantage.

All applicants must be willing to take a Drug Screen and Background Check to work with Kruse PEO